eating eggs makes your hair grow faster

Yes, eggs do contain compounds that promote hair growth, such as protein, vitamin B and zinc. But these nutrients can also be found in meat and fish, sometimes in greater quantities. While these nutrients are essential for a thick, healthy head of hair, they don’t necessarily boost hair growth. So don’t expect your scrambled eggs to give you Rapunzel’s long locks.

97% of our hair is made up of keratin, a highly resistant compound that is also found in our nails. Our bodies synthesize keratin from the amino acids cysteine and methionine. But our bodies cannot produce methionine – we have to get it from the protein in the foods we eat. Methionine is then used to make cysteine in a process that also involves vitamin B6 and zinc. Therefore protein, vitamin B6 and zinc are the three key nutrients for synthesizing keratin, and therefore for producing hair. Other B vitamins, such as B5, B8 and B3, can also help with hair growth and contribute to healthy locks.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that our hair does not grow continuously but in periodic cycles. It grows an average of 0.7–2 cm per month, depending on the season, our age and our genetics. Straight hair grows faster than kinky hair, for example.



Nutritional information on eggs

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